Reinventing clinical training

On-demand, voice interactions with AI-powered virtual patients and intelligent assistants.

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A clinical flight simulator

Learners immersed in the world’s first medical online course platform with AI-powered telehealth patient simulations, all in your browser.


Access self-paced simulated consultations anywhere with completion certificates.

Immersive content

Interactive virtual patients, videos, and information across all key specialties, created by medics, for medics.

Learn by doing

Active learning with facilitator-free, open dialogue conversational interactions

Objective feedback

Get instant, standardised feedback from your AI clinical assistant.

Experiential, conversation-based training

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AI-powered simulated patient encounters

Engage in voice (or text) based virtual simulated consultations with patient avatars from varying clinical presentations and demographics. Even watch yourself live.

Custom, secure, and accessible

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Custom online courses

Integrate custom content, including videos, images, text or documents, into accessible and secure online courses for your team.

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Medical Schools

Medical Schools

Undergraduate medical education focused cases across all levels.

Nursing Programmes

Nursing Programmes

Cases configured for both graduate and undergraduate nurses.

Physician Associate

Physician Associate

Physician associate student and professional tailored clinical learning.

Healthcare Systems

Healthcare Systems

Upskill your people and ensure competencies are met with a workforce “health check”.

Features summary
Learning experience
Access to on-demand, self-paced learning
Individual user login credentials to browser based telehealth simulated interactions
Facilitator free personalised feedback and assessment
Full access to course catalogue
Fully hosted cloud based solution for quick and easy deployment
Custom content curation
Institution branded certificates upon course completion
Institution branded homepage and learner communications
Advanced Analytics and Insights
Curriculum Management: create courses, track learner performance, completions, and feedback
Customer Success
Individual setup and support
Early access to new content and products

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